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The most effective technology in the fight against pigeons and birds of the abutting electrical source and sticking tape.

Electrical tape is highly effective, quiet, safe, very easy to install. Bird droppings damaging buildings, facades and destroys a variety of causes major damage. The most effective protection against abutting birds with 100% efficiency is electrical tape that birds will not harm but are not guaranteed to return to this place.


Easy application, professional solution!


Pigeons, sparrows and other birds do not like heavy contact with electricity. The tape is a colorless, looks good and protects your building. Using this tape on signs, edges of roofs, parapets, roof ridge or historic buildings keep birds out of reach. This system has been tested for decades on roofs and is completely safe. Meets permissible levels of electricity for birds and people, including fire regulations. It's clean and very efficient way to scaring the birds, the results are immediate. It consists of a tape of two drivers issued by electro-impulses. High-quality resin and aluminum materials ensure a long service life. If the bird rests on the tape or after it goes through, will get harmless but long pamäťovateľný shock.



ELECTRIC POWER source NA700 + 15m electric band.

Power source for electrical tape,

optical control functions.

max voltage: 6500 V,

Voltage at 500 Ohm resistance: 2800 V,

discharging energy 0.8 J.



This system consists of a transparent tape with two drivers mounted on the cleaned surface.

It works on all kinds of birds.

The tape is easily and firmly secured on all possible surfaces.

It is adaptable and resistant to UV radiation.

Power source generates pulses at a level that is safe for the birds to man.

Safe and human resources to stimulate voltage which is for humans and birds harmless.

Any sparks can not ignite surrounding dry and flammable material as pulses are output with long pauses.


After fitting the birds go back and examine it. If you enter the tape will get an unpleasant blow. Bird jumps and immediately recognized the danger tape. All birds were so fast trying to avoid contact with tape forever and never returned.

Given tape is thin and has a double-sided adhesive system / peel off and stick /. Adapt and firmly holds the metal, glass, stone, wood and other materials. The adhesive layer, tape and aluminum conductors are resistant to UV radiation. Remain transparent and not cause discoloration.




The discreet and efficient bird-scaring. The scaring all the birds as pigeons, gulls, sparrow etc.

Apply to the roof edges, ridges, gutters, window sills, windows and the like.


Sources creates pulses of DC voltage every 2 seconds.

Hurt birds or humans !!!

Each source can ensure power supply for up to 500 meters long strips.



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