Programmable audio plasic or bait (lure, lure, attract candidate
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Programmable audio plasic or bait (lure, lure, attract candidates with sound) birds and beasts is capable of playing audio tracks programmed according to the customer and even remote control within 200m. Tracks are recorded in advance from our factory.

Main features audio mp3 Plašič
The device includes a tweeter for smooth playback sounds of birds.
Choosing tracks: As a user, you can program and select a specific track directly by choosing the audio track number.
Remote control: full wireless control of devices up to 200 meters distance.
Built-in speakers: device includes a high frequency speaker and supports connection of up to two external speakers. Sound Module (funnel) is directly screwed onto the back of the device, which will increase the volume up to three times.
Timer: The unit allows you to set the playing time, off time set fails, it is best to set only a single play tracks.
Built-in audio Memory: support SD card for external recorded sound.
Batteries: Support lithium batteries or bat. Adaptor classic Tusk AAA batteries in the number of 9 pieces. Also available permanent power supply from an external power adapter, 12V DC power.

Audio: in equipment are recorded natural sounds of animals to lure beasts, about 110pcs, but also includes the sounds scaring animals.
Tracks 1-110 contain different sounds of birds to their allure.
Tracks from 111 contain noises startle the birds - in general. The manufacturer tried to record the sounds of birds of prey and the sound is delayed. So just set one piece and leave you again. Given that the device acts as an audio player, is more appropriate for remote control and shutter sound according to the situation require. It is also possible to set up a permanent play, unfortunately the device will play songs at night. The device can not be switched on via the power switch, such as other plašiče later. You still need to do the play - play, or select the track number.

Note that some birds is prohibited to catch, therefore Use equipment only for educational purposes birds

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