Sonic Repeller To Get Rid of Birds For Good
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Multifunctional bird scarer audio + ultrasound in a single, new version 2014 - bird scarer BirdXPeller-PRO793 sound + ultrasound -plast-11New gene
There Repeller sends various natural audio signals recorded in the audible range ie bird distress and offensive noises scare the birds in the effective range is up to 4 times greater than the bird scarer BirdXPeller-PRO793 sound-jacket-11New gene. birds and other NF having only one loudspeaker carried out.

This bird repeller sends a series of beeps naturally recorded bird distress sounds of predators and calls them scared, confused and disoriented in effective four, I repro range.
These high-definition digital recordings are played at 4X speakers to create an environment that is threatening and inhospitable to birds. Plašič is fully programmable.
Sonic & ultrasonic - to a combination of audio sounds and high-frequency sound waves that are audible for humans, but humans do not mind. There are only audible sounds like birds of prey.
   4-speaker system - contains 4 independent speakers with 30 m of wire to each speaker

Customizable - adjust volume, audio delay, day / night mode
       * Real sounds - high-quality digital playback of recorded natural threats, plus ultrasound
       * Waterproof - NEMA casing is designed to withstand external use
       * The visual alarm products included
       * Solar power option

Product code: -793-sound-plas-11New
It is a professional product for scaring birds - generally. Plašič works
in the audible range. This is the best equipment for the production US-BirdX where, after extensive field trials BirdXPeller-PRO794 x 4. The device greatly reduced or completely restrict contamination by birds in your area.

Repels: birds, pigeons, sparrows, starlings, gulls, cormorants, crows and many more.
The most effective product (in the audible range) against all migratory birds as well as pigeons. Persistent functional product switches adjustable in several times. Chip digital recording ensures the highest quality reproduction. The product sends the natural cries, screams of fear, threat and sounds of predators. Sounds irregularly alternate and prevents birds
the abutting into the guarded area.

• professional solutions scaring birds
• maximum possible efficiency,
• The speaker is part of the product,
• random time switching,
• 8 kinds of cries recorded on a chip (15 m cable for power supply)
• mounting bracket,
• included adapter for car battery included - just select your model name.

For external use: vineyards, orchards, buildings and other outdoor areas.
Effective against most birds: starlings, fieldfare, swallows, pigeons, etc.
The device operates on the principle of issuing a loud sound, so the device is not recommended for residential complexes, where the sounds of birds of prey can interfere with generally people if they want to have peace and quiet at home. While not a problem, and to adjust the sound fade your surroundings.
Birds of the sound coming from plasic perceived as a danger, and departing away. Birds are sound upset
and disoriented. They become agitated and disoriented, they think that their flocks of birds are in trouble, so departing from the field
where you do not want to finding therefore it prelietali or her hniezdili.
Where are fed birds or overfly first find out what their habits of birds. This will help you determine the best location
and device settings. Pigeons have slightly different habits, but perhaps it is appropriate to try and ultrasonic plašiče of our offer plasice.sk.
It is appropriate to try to set the mode under observation in a particular environment.
The device provides up to eight sounds, it is appropriate to choose the right one for your needs or select all sounds.
In fact, it is appropriate to set all the sounds and sequential switching off those to whom in your neighborhood birds react. Then, if you need to in the future scare various birds, simply pre-program BirdXPeller PRO-794th
In addition to programming the selected birds, you can also program the so-called period (or the sound. Noise and quiet), or sounds programmed random sequence of sounds.
These programming options are appropriate for the birds got used to a pattern of startle.
It is appropriate that plasic connected to the timer to turn on only at a specified time, according to your wishes. The device includes an optical light sensor so it is also possible to configure the device itself automatically mode on or off.
The device is harmless to pets and people. He works in the audible range and is suitable for outdoor installation
in the gardens, plots and orchards, waterbodies or stadiums.

BirdXPeller-PRE-793 is made for the purpose of attacks birds with loud sound and terrorized by them but not hurt.
because it is environmentally friendly and harmless.

Frequency: 3-5 kHz / 15-25 kHz (sound and ultrasonic)
Coverage: 1000 m 2 (depending on the nature of the terrain)
Central Unit Dimensions: 23 x 23 x 13 cm
The dimensions of each speaker: 10 x 10 x 15 cm (4 pcs)
Speakers: 8 ohms, 30 watts
Weight: 7 kg

All four speakers Broadband For electronic bird repeller give audible and ultrasonic sounds. The volume of audible sound is adjustable. Ultasound emission always active (in the evening and during the day) - it depends on the settings - except when the instrument is issued by an audible sound.


Repels: pigeons, sparrows, starlings, gulls, cormorants, crows and many other birds.
Three BirdXPeller PRE-794 models - bird repellent for your needs:
There are many tools scared off birds from your home, terraces, balconies and other structures.
May be effective for outdoor areas, farms, orchards, fields and other open farm buildings.
It is an effective bird scarer that scare the birds that are found in the rafters, porticos, belfry, or when awnings, antennas, overhangs, pipes and all other types of architectural elements that attract birds and Resting plasic confuse them and creates the impression of danger in if their approach, to rest or nesting.

Possible use:
Outdoor spaces, front or back yard, private houses, parks, open canopies, blinds, canopies, roofs, parking lots, playgrounds, car land, buildings, warehouses, docks and more extra space.
Ultrasonic Bird repellers and sonic repellers Bird plašiče (some units can do both), are effective for small areas such as balconies, roads, fields, orchards, warehouses and outdoor factory building complexes. Using motion detector can improve the efficiency of small units on board balconies and entrances so that the device Plašič not broadcast always only sound, but also the ultrasonic signal.
You can follow what happens in this short video where the sound Repeller enabled at the factory


What really makes that installation?
"For BirdXPeller-794" electronic bird repeller 4X scare birds trieskajúcimi loud sound waves. These birds are put off device automatically sends various natural recorded sounds of birds of prey and various emergency signals. These noises scare up
and disorient birds within its effective range. These high definition digital recordings are played on the speaker to ensure that the message gets up to pests respectively. birds: "Keep Out".

Plašič installs easily: it can fit almost anywhere.
Continuous operation: repels birds 24 hours / 7 days or at night.
Variable frequency: attacks of various birds with different settings.
Plašič waterproof: elegant casing is designed to withstand years of outdoor use from the weather.
Real - Sound: high quality digital playback of recorded bird distress and of course the alarm.
Maintenance - Free: plasic if properly installed, there is no need continuous maintenance.
No moving parts: no need for mechanical repairs.
Other pests.
Indoor / Outdoor spaces,
Trucks in closed areas
Infrastructure and transport, airports, highways,
Production facilities,
Warehouses and docks,
Farms, barns, stables,
Sheds and storage areas,
Homes and gardens,
Wagons and garages.

Sonic Repeller To Get Rid of Birds For Good
This Super Bird Expeller sends bird distress sounds to repel unwanted and messy pigeons , starlings, sparrows, crows and similar birds. This is a programmable species-specific bird repellent device targeting pigeons, starlings,crows, sparrows and gulls using sonic repelling technology. Broadcasting distress calls of each bird will cause others to avoid the by creating a "danger zone". This bird control device uses fear to get rid of pigeons and other birds for good.
How it works: 
We broadcasts bird distress cries from a microchip. Birds hear the cries, perceive danger and become agitated and disoriented. Thinking their flock mates are in trouble, the birds flee the area ,never to return. 
Key Features
Time off periods: Choose delays from 60 seconds to 30 minutes.
Time of operation: Choose day, night or 24 hours. Keep bright lights from shining on the photocell for proper operation.
Random operation: randomly plays recordings in non-sequential order. Best results from this mode.
 BirdXPeller PRO face detail
Environmentally Safe. Harmless to Birds: We use loud, terrorizing sounds for effective pest bird control. 

Easy Operation: 220AC power (adapter included). Optional solar power panel keeps 12VDC deep cycle marine battery (not included) charged. Battery powers the PRO. 

Heavy-duty: Super Bird Expeller is made of sturdy plastic. Built-in front directional speaker. Rear controls.

Included: a plastic rain cover with mounting tab, a plastic cover for the programmable switches, an AC power adaptor with cord, and complete instructions. 

Synergy: Sound devices are even more effective used with a visual scare device or a physical barrier. Call us for details on supplemental bird control devices.


Dimensions: 6" x 9" x 4"
Weight: 4 lbs.
Coverage: Up to an acre at full volume in a long oval dispersion pattern.
Installs Easily: Mount it nearly anywhere
Continuous Operation: Repels birds with 24/7, day-only, or night-only modes
Variable Frequencies: Attacks different birds with different settings
Weatherproof: Sleek, weatherproof casing is designed to withstand years of outdoor use
Real Sounds: High Quality Digital playback of naturally recorded bird distress & alarm sounds.
Maintenance-Free: When installed properly, no ongoing maintenance is required
No Moving Parts: No mechanical repairs needed
Sound Pressure: 105 - 110 dB at 1 meter.
Power Requirements: 110 or optional 220vAC (foreign use) or 12vDC, optional.
Frequency: 3 - 5 kHz.
Compliance: UL and CE listed. EPA Est. 62617-OR-001.
Warranty:  BirdXPeller features a 6-month Manufacturer's Warranty 

NOTE: Bird control methods are more effective when a combination of bird repellent devices is used. Combine light and sound repellers, roost inhibitors and visual scare devices.





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