4X PIR Repeller 830-B010, dog, cat, mouse, pigeon. USA Patent 20
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New autumn 2013 against scaring dogs, cats, mice and pigeons -ohlušujúca siren scares and thieves.

This equipment is suitable for scaring dogs, cats, mice and pigeons. PIR sensors are activated by ultrasound waves, powerful flash, or a loud sound waves (in all modes) that chase away animals.

Switching between the modes (ultrasound, flash, loud sound waves, they are constantly active) is possible thanks to easy operation using a single button. Plašič used to power AC adapter or 9-volt battery that will last for the standard continuous operation power devices 3-4 days.
It is therefore appropriate to use the network adapter.

This repellent is due to its multifunctionality, which is provided by different modes suitable almost anywhere. To the garden, catering facilities. This device is not suitable for large warehouses and farms, as this Plašič designed for small or medium-sized premises.

Technical parameters:
1. Power: 9-volt battery or a 9-volt AC adapter (included)
2. The size of the removable surface: 70 m2
3. Width readable zone: 110 °
4. Frequency range: 15-26 kHz
5. The frequency of audible sound waves: 7kHz
6. Intensity: 110 db
Patent No.: 201030536993.7
Designed in U.K.
Made in P.R.C.

This multifunctional Plašič game has five operating modes, each operating mode is suitable for other animals and in another environment.
1. The illuminating with orange LED: Ultrasound + Alarm + flashing on strong scared off.
2. Mode with illuminating green LED: strong flicker on scared off.
3. Mode with illuminating red LED: alarm only.
4. Mode with flashing red LED: steady light LED scared off.
5. mode with flashing green LED: permanently ultrasound, without PIR activation.

To switch between mode is the black button (fig. 3).
To turn the power Hold down the button for 2 seconds until the LED glows orange. Gradual briefly pressing the same button to switch between five modes. Hold longer than 2 seconds to turn the unit off.
WARNING: For equipment can not be completely shut down scaring sound (loud alarm about 110 db). It's such an unpleasant loud siren (high-pitched alarm), one hundred per cent to scare all living things and birds, but also wakes up man. We can reduce the volume (high-pitched alarm) by 70 percent, but in the residential part of it still is not very appropriate. Rather only the light-ultrasonic repeller-790-universal-remote control, there are no problems you know to turn off noisy shrill alarm to scare scaring or even thieves.

• Insert a 9-volt battery (1), or connect the AC adapter (230) (2) into an outlet and connect it to Plašič.
• Long press (3) to turn on the device. Other Press repeatedly to switch between modes.
• If the device is in a mode for longer than 10 seconds, to switch to another mode, it is necessary to switch off the device and then again to select the desired mode.
1 2 3

If the device is not being used, unplug it from the power supply or battery.
Ultrasound waves do not pass through walls or furniture. Point it directly to the site of a streamer line.
Place the unit in a dry place, so that rained on him. The device may be used outdoors in winter, and shall not be in contact with the unit to snow or rain.
For long-term use it is recommended to use the adapter (DC 9V 600mA), if technically possible environment.

Product code: -830-4xpir-repeller-b010

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