Ultrasonic Bird Repeller NEW 831- B011-1 shy cats, dogs, ferrets
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Ultrasonic Bird Repeller can PIR AutoPlay by ultrasonic waves to frighten and intimidate cats, dogs, ferrets, wild boar, hare, rabbit and so on. + Pigeon in your garden.
Plašič is suitable for placement in gardens, terraces, balconies and other smaller areas up to 70m2, simply everywhere where the birds create a mess.
Also around local ponds of fishing.

PIR sensor detects movement of the visitor and automatically start alarm frequency for scaring. It is therefore only suitable for terraces, balconies or small gardens.
Waterproof design suitable for outdoor use with the possibility of stuck in the ground.
The device is intended solely to repel cats, dogs, ferrets, wild boar, hares, rabbits + pigeon. Repellent has a PIR motion sensor and operates fully automatically. You can set Plašič frequency and detection distance - Responses to the annoying birds. Repellent operates at frequencies from 15 kHz to 25 kHz. The device repels acoustic pulses that are only very weakly audible to humans, but very annoying your unwanted visits.

1. Power supply by 4 x D (R20) batteries, can provide long working hours.
2. Passive infrared area of ​​approx 70 m2.
3. Passive infrared degree: 110 degree.
4. Sound pressure 110 dB.
5. Output Power: 2.5W.

1. Insert the battery and connect the supply cable to the device (pink line near the switch, see photo), laying down power line (to avoid pressing the power lines) connector. Place the tube into the instrument and turn it clockwise until it clicks.
2. After power is turned on 15 seconds performs a self-test device you have chosen.
3. Determine the site of the installation to be protected.

Installation of the equipment:
Five general rule odpudzovač place before the arrival of cats, dogs .... the protected position. Also, please repellent so do not shine it directly to the sun, which would it trigger unnecessarily repellent and vybíjalo battery. PIR Detection range is 9 m. Place repellent so that the PIR is pointing to a protected area.

Be sure to include equipment nenatiekla water when it rains, it is appropriate Plašič placed under the roof, or the inside of the right where it does not rain. If you already place it indirectly rain, the device must be stuck into the ground to grid nenatiekla to dripping water.
Product code: -831-bird-repeller-b011-1-pigeon

Expert opinion: repellent works completely automatically. Before installing we recommend to clean the place from droppings and disinfected. It is very important for the expected results. The device is designed for residential and outdoor areas. It works in the field of ultrasound.

Before installing this product, read the instructions carefully and please store the manual in a safe place for future reference.

Intended use
This product is designed to scare off uninvited animals such as cats, dogs, ferrets, wild boar, hares, rabbits, etc. in your garden, yard, property, etc.
This eco-friendly product monitoring system protects your garden, it is user-friendly and can be installed virtually anywhere.
Integrated PIR sensor detects thermal radiation through which the animal enters the protected area. The product then emits a powerful ultrasonic sound that frightens, irritates and annoys interrupting animal. Because the animal sounds shy, repel the. The animal is not in any way physically harmed in any way. The device is activated only when the animal enters the protected area. This saves energy and equipment may be used for a longer period. Control functions can be seen via the integrated LED light.

Animalrepeller automatically detects and repcllers animals. Animalrepeller ultrasound automatically stops when the animal left the area.
Safety instructions
Before using the unit, please read this guide
If you have a large garden, it is possible to use multiple devices. This product is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children
Remove the batteries if the device is not in use.


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