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Do you mind your dog barking? Are you interested wean him from bad habits? Just turn hand Universal repellent and your dog will know immediately that something was wrong. Defakto the ultrasound is unpleasant for the dog, so the dog quickly learns that something was not done properly.

This animal repellent 787-coach-dog also called agreement is the darling handheld device battery with precise high frequency tone and very loud ultrasonic tone for training dogs.
The tone is very loud ultrasound. This device can train the adult dogs and other animals (eg. A horse). To testing, it was found that wild animals can be enough to freak unusually high tone. They also responded to the Plašič and wild cats younger appearance. Unfortunately, some dogs already in old age can not hear very well, so it is not excluded that high note - ultrasound will no longer hear over a greater distance, this also applies to cats.

Scare the wildlife or aggressive animals.
Technical data Dimensions: (L x W x H) 120 x 59 x 33 mm.
Volume 105 dB.
The scope of 40 m, 10 m and practically no.
Adjustable rate: about 27.5 kHz.
Operating temperature: -10 to +40 ° C.
Power supply: 9 V / DC (1 x 9 V battery, not included).
Weight: 100 g.
There is already a flashlight inserted in the equipment.
CONSENT Milacik:
Consent pets is a handheld device to assist in the training and treatment of dog or cat.
Consent is issued harmless pets, humane high-frequency sound, clearly audible to dogs and cats, but imperceptible to humans.
This sound helps emphasize verbal commands to improve the response pet or can be used as an opportunity to launch itself conditional response or interruption of misconduct.
Itself does not consent pets proper behavior and the best results are constructed when used in conjunction
Treasury proven effective exercise techniques.
1. Point Consent pet to pet a distance of about 5 m to 20 m.
2. Press the button for 1-2 seconds while entering the required verbal commands.
3. Repeat as necessary unless the pet does not respond to your command.
Training: Consent pet helps emphasize verbal commands such as sit, to the foot, stay, come, lie down, and other response training your pets, pet Consent can also be used as a signal for response exercises like calling your dog back from a distance.
Changing behavior: Consent pet can strengthen remedial orders to keep pets from furniture, he jumped to humans, excessive or Did Not Bark nemňaukal remained outside the region or nechmátal, do not bite, Neškrabal or chewed.
Privacy Consent pet can be used to keep stray dogs or odviazaných.
1. Point Consent pet aggressive towards an approaching animal.
2. Press the button to activate Consent pet to 1-2 seconds.
3. Repeat as necessary to drive off the animal.

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