Marten repellent, scarer martens for cars, ultrasound and high
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This highly professional repellent device - marten repellent for motor vehicles, marten repellent car provides double protection for your cars. After connecting to the 12V board voltage when the engine is protected by your vehicle immediately double protection against marten.

Ultrasonic frequency 22 kHz of 100 db performance and stress plates for voltage 300V.

Marten, practically,  no chance to harm you in the car. ' If marten neodoženie ultrasound, so definitely get a blow in the form of pulse 300V is the certainly flee away.

Repellent consumption is only 5 mA and the device is automatically disconnected when a weak car battery at a voltage of 11.5V to prevent the destruction of deep discharge. The device is safe for humans, and is in no way harmful. Or animals harm, just repels him a scare.

High-voltage plate (6 pieces) are connected by cables with a length of 2 x 1.9 meters. It can therefore be sufficient to protect the engine compartment of the vehicle. The high voltage of 300V is not dangerous for human beings, and has touched the plate. It is a pulse voltage that you only weakly pulls his hand - will not hurt you.


Supply voltage: 11.5 to 15 V DC (for cars) not to 24V ,, '

Current consumption: only 5 mA,

Tensions on the plates: 200 - 300V DC,

Ultrasound frequency: 22 kHz (for humans inaudible)


Sound power 100 dB


Operating temperature: -40 - 80 st. C.


Indication of operation: LED (flash every 5 to 12 seconds)


Equipment Dimensions: 46 x 73 x 145 mm, high-voltage plate dimensions: 40 x 40 x 1.5 mm,


Device protection: 500 mA fuse.


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We recommend this device - marten repellent to protect the engine compartment It is one of the most effective methods of protection against snake and other pests. As we tell our customers with the best pest protection repellent combination of several methods. In this case, ultrasound and the high voltage pulse. The product is very good and can withstand shocks, or large temperature fluctuations that are common in the engine compartment. The electronics are all cast in resin and very well protected, unlike other manufacturers, whose products suffer from defects arising from the aggressive environment of the engine compartment.


For our best price on this unit. Alternatively, you can also purchase a spray scared off by the kuna against their scent.


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