Ultrasonic repellent small rodents 796-DHN24 for trucks
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Drive away: mice, rats, rats, weasels, martens, polecats and other pests

Main features:
high efficiency
Low power consumption: 0.2 W max
easy installation (just strengthen the unit and connect the supply voltage)
Automatic on / off (monitoring and evaluation of the battery terminal voltage - with the motor running is switched off)
shall not invalidate any devices (radio etc.).

Guiding principles for installation:
The device must be positioned so that it in no way prevent service personnel at regular inspection and maintenance of the car to elektroakustistický changer, protruding on one side of the box, to a secure area that was not even covered or obstructed by any object that would prevent the completion of the entire protected area emitting sound / ultrasound, it is not exposed to direct contact with oils and fats and that it is not exposed to water, which when driving in adverse conditions can occur in the protected area. Round speaker may not be turned against soft matter, which emitted ultrasound absorb. Protection bag-it not recommended because it can be caused due to the deterioration of the ultrasound beam and thus a significant decrease in efficiency. The device must be fixed to the article to a drive vibrates or even oscillations. It must not be exposed to temperatures higher than about 80 ° C.
We recommend, for example, attach it to the harness leading from the battery.
Power wires should we connect as close as possible to the battery.
The device simply attach a cable to the continuous 24V power supply from the car.

Technical parameters:
Supply voltage: 22 V to 26.5 V - works; 26.6 V to 29V - off
Note: The manufacturer recommends to connect the unit as close as possible to the battery.
Consumption of power. current: 10 mA at rest 15 mA during operation
Fuse: Fuse F 100 mA
Temperature range -20 ° C to + 80 ° C
Wires: Red = positive power, black = negative source
Dimensions: 60 mm (W) x 85 mm (H) x 25mm (h)
Weight: 0.05 kg


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