Scarer - liquidator slugs and snails without shells 750-bio-slim
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Europe is suffering from snails that relentlessly attractive flowers, vegetables, and even feed on weaker slugs are one of the biggest threats to Europe's nature. Sliziaky and snails without shells are multiplying throughout the growing season, but the most damage to the spring and fall. How to get rid sliziakov and how to combat them?


Sliziaky and snails without shells are often flooded by so using different formulations is often very ineffective. The easiest way, which, however, requires a lot of time is handpicking of snails. If someone seems this practice annoying, can not help a low fence fence of thick wire mesh, the top edge to be bent sharply downwards to slug it could not overcome.


Relatively efficient and especially practical way of disposal is our product named - liquidator sliziakov and snails without shells -750- which not only prevents them from multiplying, but also damage your garden, rockery, flowers or trees.

Výtobku Weight: 400 g.


MODE garden:


Sliziakom and snails without shells thrive in humid conditions, so often meet with them in the years rich in precipitation. They hide in moist and shady places permanently serving them well for the winter. Of these shelters after the spring they wander in search of food. In our weather conditions harmful to several different kinds of snails without shells and sliziakov. The gardens is most common kind of example. Slug greatest gasteropoda or rusty red, Tatra, gasteropoda great slizniačik field and another.

Sliziaky and snails feed on plant material and imaginative variety of plant species. Prefer to eat leaves cabbages and lettuce, carrot roots, tubers, fruits and strawberries are often shook to the fallen fruit. One snail eats the food within 24 hours of the half of his body weight. Snails cause significant damage to the crop. Vyžierajú seeds, roots and feed on cotyledons, nibble the leaves and damage the flowers. The most dangerous are types without shells. Damage to plants opens the gate for the entry of many infectious diseases. Moreover slimy secretion leads to a loss in quality and appearance. Sliziakom and snails without shells just to live a moist environment.

Sliziaky lay eggs after 15-50 pieces into the soil or under plant debris and slug each placed three times a year about 300 eggs. Snails are androgynous and since they are also cannibals need to eliminate slugs killed, otherwise others would serve as food. The furrows caused by slugs major damage, but the compost play an important role in the treatment of soft parts of plants. If it can find enough food, they will not have reason to go for healthy plants.

If you put the mulch freshly chopped grass, destroy snail eggs in it. Grass does start very soon ferment and these eggs warm. Since sliziaky seek and require moist soil, because only through it can move well at the time of their occurrence should be watered in the morning instead of the evening.


WARNING: Snail garden with Conch feeds (inter alia) slugs eggs (without shells). Needless therefore this snail collect or throw from the garden.


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