Versatile scarer - ultrasound machine MAXI version 90-130
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Scarer versatile generator produces pulsating, aggressive ultrasonic tones similar latitude, felt by many animals as particularly annoying.

For this reason, rodents, insects, game, birds etc. shun secure area ultrasonic generator. For optimal effect, the generator is equipped with an adjustable frequency of 8-40 kHz. Plašič is mainly suitable for large storage or production facilities, mainly for scaring mice. The item can be in series with switch and the time set to the device to be switched on only during the night or in the evening.

Prelaďované equipment produces irregularly long, ultrasonic waves of randomly long pauses, which may be varied depending upon the desired startle.

For optimal effect, the generator is equipped with an adjustable frequency 8 - 40 kHz, with a special speaker with a rounded aluminum cone ensures optimum sound distribution. If you want sound to cover larger rooms (over 1500 m2), you can connect up to 4 speakers (device has a built-in speaker, or speakers) in the case of ready made connectors are available to connect additional 4x tweeters - only to order the Parallel wiring.


• The unit can be mounted in a dry place on the wall. Please remember that ultrasonic tones spread straight (like light). Therefore, the generator should be positioned so that the speakers radiate directly to the place you want to protect.

• Obstacles (eg. Cabinets, shelves) create "shadows", the ultrasonic tone for these obstacles is considerably weaker. To use the device for example. mice, do not install the generator up to the wall, but down to the floor. Here's the strongest effect in mice. The controller adjusts the frequency. The regulator set so that with a small screwdriver or hand gently twisting the controller. When the controller is turned completely to the left, it is about 8 Hz tone is audible to humans.

• The more you turn the potentiometer (knob) clockwise, the higher the tone of a particular place is no longer audible to humans.

• Depending on the type of animal can choose the most appropriate frequency. The scared off birds are generally suitable lower frequency (e.g. 12 kHz) that can hear the people.

• To prevent addiction pests do not recommend long-term operation, but only at the time of their activities.


Ultrasonic sounds are particularly troublesome for the animals. In exceptional cases, it may happen that the animals fail

scare. This may have the following causes:

1. Animals are near the equipment their young, which in any case can not leave.

2. Lack of food is only one source close to the device.

3. Animals are used to ultrasonic tones. Older TVs also emit ultrasonic sounds.

4. When a tagged ground predators (eg. Weasels), so he will not want to leave and do not scare the ultrasonic tones.

In this case, the clean room of scent to the animals.


Operating voltage: 12V / DC (10 to 13.8)

Power consumption: approx <1500m,

Adjustable frequency: about 8 - 40kHz,

Frequency stroke about two times per second: about 2 to 3 kHz (automatic frequency similar latitude)

Sound pressure: max. 100 db ± 15%

Range:> 40 m in open space

Speaker angle: max 140 °,

Function indication: blinking LED,

Dimensions: approx 92 x 51 x 31 mm,

The ability to connect up to 4 additional speakers - if technically possible.


Modules or device can not be removed by means of household waste. It must be handed over to collection points as well as

TVs, computers.

Customer Experience:

Scaring the horse is suitable frequency 20-25kHz. Martens sound frequency above 35kHz longer considered.

Product code: -898-ultrasound-max-version-90-130dBi


Plašič is already set to scaring mice and rats!

The product of the illustrative image. If they are used only two speakers are used Height - speaker when four are used piezo speakers.

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