Multifunction scarer minor pest repellent 4 in 1, 837- B01
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Multifunction scarer minor pest repellent 4 in 1, 837- B019 + air purifier directly into the socket



 We offer the latest technology for scaring pests, not only for scared off by various pests, but also may serve as an air purifier.

Similar equipment as the Pest Reject insects - mosquitoes and cockroaches, ants and rodents.


Equipment shy cockroaches, ants, spiders, mice, rats, crickets, silverfish, earwigs, scorpions, fleas, ticks, bats etc.

Also it helped by the ionizer, which cleans the air. The air purification is effected by receiving the particles of suspended particles by ionizing the air, and the electric charge are attracted to oppositely charged collection plates - collectors, situated inside the apparatus. Because the device is also ionizer purifies the air in the space around the device. Here is applicable air purification steps: artificial ionisation dust particles acquire electric charge, and either clump together and thanks to greater weight faster sediments or airborne aerosol particles of the same charge repel each other and capture the next solid surfaces where they lose their charge.




Multifunctional Pest Repeller 837- B019 has four operating modes for your convenience depending on a variety of environments

Mode one with red LED (1): Electromagnetic waves

Mode two with yellow LED (2): Anion - Night Light

Mode with three green LED (3): Ultrasonic waves

Mode four with three LEDs: electromagnetic waves and ultrasound waves Anion

The best enable all features - all three LEDs must light. The button is functional up to a total test device, about 1 minute, then just press the button on the front and hold it about 3 seconds and this step can switch all functions.


Plašič features:

1.Advanced micro switch control of all functions.

2.Super night light shines soft lighting, night lighting creates comforto

3.Enhanced electromagnetic waves penetrate deeper into the cracks and crevices of walls, around the house or office fend off waves of obstacles and achieve pest simply effective system range

4. Creates a stream of beneficial ions for disinfecting, cleaning the air will bring health and life.

5.Triple Superstrong function transmitter sends ultrasonic waves in all directions and then all heads directional and so the ultrasound covering all parts of the room.

6. On your device, you can also select all the features ie working together, you get a perfect performance.





How to get rid of mosquitoes at home or outdoors?

Of course there should be installed nets on the windows. Relatively good service will do the repellent into an outlet or on the basis of ultrasound. To avoid mosquito raid, try the other tips:

In one deciliter of 50% alcohol (or the Alps) let infuse a pinch of cloves. The mixture before going to bed rub the hands and forehead. You will not only fall asleep comfortably, but mosquitoes can you not dare addition.

Window frames rub with garlic - the smell should be deter them.

Mosquitoes do not tolerate vitamin B. Raise therefore blood levels above, here is beer or yeast.

When sitting outdoors, use insect repellent. If you do not mind the natural category, miscarriage lard.

Mosquitoes are reportedly sensitive to smoke-radiating. Scare, these would be cigarette smoke. However, you can also use special torches insects.

Early evening wear long sleeves of lightweight materials. Through the fabric they feel so mosquitoes and their sting is not so intense.

Avoid places that are finished mosquito hatchery - stagnant water, marshes, etc.





Multifunctional pest repeller 837

Design Patent No. ZL 2011 3 0006604.4

Execution Patent No. ZL 2011 3 0006604.4


Adopting the most advanced pest control technology, not only repel various of pests, but also can make it as a air purifier, it will control roaches, ants, spiders, mice, rats, crickets, silverfish, earwigs, scorpions, fleas, ticks, bats etc.





Multifunction Pest Repeller has four work patterns for your choose According to different using environment

Mode one with red LED (LED 1): Electromagnetic waves

Mode two with yellow LED (LED 2): Anion

Mode three with the green LED (LED 3): Ultrasonic

Mode four with the three LED indicator lights: Electromagnetic waves + Anion + Ultrasonic




1.Advanced MICOM control switch control all the functions.

2.Super night light, sing soft lighting, creating a comfortabale environment 3.Enhanced electromagnetic waves reach deeper even into walls, cracks and crevices throughout your home or office to repel even the impossible to reach pests, make the effective range more widely

4. Creates a stream of beneficial anions to disinfecting, clean the air, bring you a healthy life. 5.Triple Superstrong function emitter emit ultrasonic waves to all directions, sovle the

problem of rectilinear propagation of ultrasonic, cover all your room.

6.The best of all you can choose all the functions combination working together, get the perfect performance.


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