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This scarer repel these beasts: bat, rabbit, doe, bitch, dog, cat, dormouse, rat, mouse. Stop Deer from destroying your garden.


Is the presence of deer threatening your garden or lawn? Keep deer from your garden, courtyard, or any other personal property DeerGard Silent Deer Repeller. Its intricate design utilizes safe and reusable method of keeping deer from trampling and eating his property ever again. This electronic pest repellent is actually a movement - an active device, projecting ultrasonic frequency that is guaranteed to banish from deer to 4000 ft2, where it is located. Frequency ultrasound method is safe, humane, and the best way to prevent unwanted deer invasion, as well as for them yourself. This form of sound pest management is maintenance - free, without toxic chemicals - all you need to do is set up and wait for their gardens and lawns, the deer again free. You can even set pests always play safe, which prevents the deer, by falling outside the 35 'to 70' range.


This electronic deer repellent is also loaded with special functions for your convenience. There are two power options, either AC or battery power. It even comes with adjustable frequency, allowing you to adjust the sound strengths or ultrasound. This pest repellent also weathering Snap-on raincoats, so you can leave it all the time. With all these features, it is hard not to be attracted by the safest, simplest deer repellent on the market.


Continuous or motion - sensor - Built - in infrared motion sensor is activated when deer move into the coverage zone.

Adjustable frequency - Powerful audio and ultrasonic signals.

Weather - Snap-on raincoat protects controls.

Dual mode (AC or battery).

Dimensions: 6.75 x 5.25 x 3.5.

INTRODUCTION: Bird-X, p. r. o., has been recognized worldwide as an expert on birds and pests for more than 40 years and its specialists are able to analyze problems and recommendations based on each customer's specific situation and needs.


WHY pest control?

Droppings are unsightly, unhealthy and potentially fatal.

TRUST cost money and time.

"Clean" means neuhraditeľné cost of revenues.

Pests are destructive and mutilated property.

USDA, OSHA, health committees and other organizations can present the selected or closed society for soil pest problems.



• Map out the pests and their inputs, outputs and eating habits.

• Inspect your property.

• Discover what is attractive to pests in your area and whether such a requirement on the neighboring properties.

• Remove incentives.

• Get rid of all the surrounding evidence of pests and residual scent.

• Because the pests and their droppings can cause many diseases, extreme caution when removed.

• Do not breathe and do not touch them.

• If you have questions how to do it safely, consult an expert.

• Remove spilled food, garbage, litter and other impressive items.

• Maintain a clean and changing environment.

• For maximum efficiency, regularly repeat C) above and move or be moved unit, modify or power it for a short time off.

• Install soon.

It is always better to install YardGard before starting "Season pests" is easier than discourage them their fate is out, will immediately introduce a pattern.

Use products synergistically.

Two or more types of equipment (YardGard plus set-off and / or taste or smell) will produce a synergistic effect, ie., In combination, the products will have a much higher efficiency than YardGard itself.


Consider alternative location.

Do the educated guesses about where the pests they go when they leave their current contaminated areas and consider buying units to cover these areas as well.


Unit Overview: The adjustable frequency, dual-operation, weather-resistant unit discourage cats, dogs, deer, armadillos, bats, insects and raccoons. Infrared motion sensor is built.


Unit settings

• Gently pull the back cover.

• Set the mode of operation (top right) to OFF.

• Turn the frequency selection (top left) to the desired pest.

• The switch operation, select "MS AC or battery" for the unit to perform encapsulate each time the motion sensor is activated (operating with both an AC adapter and battery pack) or select the "Cont.CA only" unit for continuous operation (only works with the AC adapter) .

• Turn the "Resolution" option to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor.


AC Adapter

Plug one end into the port under the operation of the switch and the other into any standard outlet.

(If using outdoors, protect the output from the weather).

Run the cable through the notch (notch) on the bottom.

Replace the cover in place.



Install 4 "C" batteries, as indicated on the device.

Replace the cover in place.

Expect coverage up to 4000 square feet generally oval pattern about 80 feet in front of the machine, 50 feet wide.

Speaker projects sound to the horizontal plane in one direction.

The lower frequency sound (clockwise), the greater the coverage.

The dense foliage and / or large quantities, may be needed more units.



Power supply: 4x1.5V "C" batteries.

230 V AC adapter (if necessary different voltage adapter, please buy locally).

Note: When using the AC adapter, the unit automatically switches to battery power (if the batteries inside) when the power fails.

Operating current: <200 mA,

Activation of motion sensor: up to 35x70 feet.

Frequency: 15 kHz - 25 kHz (adjustable)

Effective range: more than 4,000 square feet,

Output sound pressure level: 60 dB at 1 meter.


Product code: -788-electronically-plasic-wild-beasts + video for you


Product for this year:


Supplement to the operating bats:
Bats if you failed to notice any success from scared off especially in the summer.
Please note Plašič or at least detect their presence. i.e. if the LED light on the red light in front of the PIR sensor. If so Plašič reacts to the presence of bat and issues set ultrasound. In the event that bats do not respond at all to set up ultrasound, set potentiometer to limit the potentiometer in the range of ultrasound. So you should not have heard anything. Unfortunately, each bat species responds to a different frequency to determine which yours is just not in our power. It is therefore appropriate not respond at times when bats potentiometer slightly rotated continuously in one direction. Of course PIR sensor must switch each time when visible movement. If not Plašič unit closer to the bats.
Also, experts advise to keep from scaring you to start ahead of the Spring of moving, not only when the resident, then it's a problem to get rid of them. The market still exists Plašič so-called jammer sonar waves (ultrasound broadband masking.), Where by the jammer is denied bats detect obstacles in space and therefore the bats leave the area. Unfortunately 6x higher than the price of the product

There are about 17 species of bats in the EU and we all communicate in the range 18-120kHz. The table below shows the frequencies on which you most likely will get if you detect ultrasound waves for a given species of bats. However, a direct "peak" frequency may vary depending on the individual bat - bat and the environment in which they are located. Some bats can be detected by a detector frequencies because calling is so strong, and little or no other bats echolocate on the same frequency. Others are harder to distinguish and more information about bats as wing shape, details of habitats my be helpful.

Frequency Bat Species
20-25 kHz Noctule
25 kHz Leisler's
27 kHz Serotine
32 kHz Barbastelle
39 kHz Nathusius's Pipistrelle
43-46 kHz Alcathoe
45 kHz Common Pipistrelle
45 kHz Whiskered
45 kHz Brandt's
45 kHz Daubenton's
45-50 kHz Brown Long Eared
45-50 kHz Grey Long Eared
50 kHz Natterer's
50 kHz Bechstein's
55 kHz Soprano Pipistrelle
80 kHz Greater Horseshoe
108 kHz Lesser Horseshoe

Also, for information, we present frequencies that are not arrive for animals in our neighborhood.
Frequency Range of Hearing for Humans and Animals Selected
Animal frequency (hertz)
Humans only 20 20,000
Cats only 100 32,000
Dogs only 40 46,000
Horses only 31 40,000
Elephants only 16 12,000
Cattle 16 only 40,000
Bats only 150,000 1,000
Grasshoppers and locusts only 100 50,000
Rodents only 100,000 1,000
Whales and dolphins only 70 150,000
Seals and sea lions only 200 55,000


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