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The generator voltage VN is suitable for a wide range of animals. Externally strong power pulse device for long distances. Max voltage 9900V. The device is suitable for corrals for cows, pigs, horses, rabbits, including dogs. Suitable for fences up to 120 kilometers long, has two separate outputs for different animal species by sensitivity to electrical impulses. The device also scare off wild animals, so as to exclude on your land, gardens and fields.


Most common solution for the construction of the fence is now electric fence. The main reason for its selection of comparable cost to traditional non-electric fence, facilitate the work of breeders and crop protection, or property. Proper installation of electric fences provide a reliable replacement for the conventional mesh, barbed wire, fencing or wood.


To build the pens are still experiencing errors, which, however, can be easily.


Output voltage: 5360V is at 500R.


Consumption: 65 mA.


Weight of the device itself: 2.7 kg.


The device is necessary to buy the guide electrical tape.


Charging energy 6.0 J, max discharge energy 3,8 J.




Before starting "pasture" season must be visually inspected all the components of an eclectic fences. It needs to know that animals annually and re-acquainted with electric fencing, therefore, must be in 100% condition.


Samotna electric fence deliver "life" modern fully electronic pulse sources that do not require any maintenance.




Check all cables, connectors and terminals, and are not corroded. Electric fences are exposed to extreme winter weather influences, therefore it is necessary to control them in the spring, especially if they are not built a professional firm. Checking fences operator is always required. In the event that the posts are fences damaged, or otherwise unstable, it needs to be replaced. Voltage loss on fences which are difficult to recognize, can be imparted by the insulator. A damaged insulator could spark (shake well) or, worse, to carve, causing voltage loss and therefore the need for their individual control. Fault finding today, however, you are used modern instruments. The hardest bugs that are hard to find, may occur on wires fences. The cable, fixed ropes or tapes may be broken wire hidden, which causes arcing (popping) and voltage drop. To detect such errors serves digital voltmeter that can simulate contact of the animal with an electric ohadením and therefore we can identify poorly conductive wires.


Any popping or arcing exacerbates the problems of the electric fences causing the enclosure loses its function. To again fulfill a protective function, it is necessary to remove all defects.


In Germany, there is no prescribed protective voltage for electric fences, but the recommendation that at any point of electric fences should be at least 2000 V (volts). But we know from experience that tension should not fall below 3000 V (volts). Critical for the animals, especially in dry climates, the voltage should be 4000 to 5000 volts. A higher voltage has no further use or deterrence.


Electric fence to fulfill its purpose, it is important to control the voltage. Suitable for control of detecting errors is already mentioned digital voltmeter or diode at least eight-speed tester that measures the voltage and monitoring of earthing systems.


Keep young cattle, if the lack of food and water is malfunctioning electric fence very difficult.

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