Light-ultrasonic repeller-790-universal with remote control
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Light-ultrasonic repeller-790-universal novelty this year and a menace to animals. Using a motion-sensitive sensor that detects something scurrying around the garden and land around the house or cottage.

Frequency - Select a pest:

1 Insects

2 deer

3 Raccoon

4 Armadillo

5 opossum

6 Birds and Skunky

7 Cats and Dogs

8 and rodents: mice, rats, porcupines, beavers, guinea pigs, Hryzcov bat.

- Set you just what you want plastic.


Sequential broadcast sound and ultrasonic waves inaudible to humans but frequencies that frighten away a large number of pests in the garden or on the land around the house or cottage.


Plašič gradually emits sounds that are specific to different animals that allow you to scare all sorts of pests.
Once a movement in the detection zone starts strong ultrasonic signal in the range of 16 - 38kHz and simultaneous with strobe. The frequency is adjustable and oscillates in width 5KHz.


Also suitable for scaring wildlife. Truly multifunctional Plašič a pest repellent. Plašič also has an alarm function. It takes up where other methods fail scaring.




Unlike some plašiče that use dangerous, sometimes poisonous agents with our product, you can get rid of pests organically based on light-ultrasonic principle, which is harmless to humans and safe.


Light-enhanced ultrasonic repeller uses ultrasonic frequencies that are slightly audible or inaudible to humans not to startle the animals and insects.


Light-ultrasonic repeller offers the possibility of mounting Plašič smoothly while Plašič includes features such as: flashlight, disturbing sound blasts warn, plasic.


Say goodbye to rat poisons, harmful chemicals, and concerns about their children and pets.


Sound - Sweep and select - Pest Technology:


Our light-ultrasonic repeller-790 offers several options for scaring through settings that are enhanced for a particular pest.


Get rid of the pests and their odpudzujte through our light-ultrasonic repeller-790- plašiče that offer a remote control.


This Plašič offers a revolutionary technology Sound Sweep and incorporated fluctuating sound - noise frequencies that target pests at a certain frequency.


These two features together make light-ultrasonic repeller-790- Plašič very powerful and effective.
Plašič frequency: 16 - 38kHz.

Siren: 135 db.


Continuous and moving sensors - Active.
Detection angle: 90 degrees.


Range: 10 m, 150 m / second
Exclusive flash light Keychain Remote (visibility up to 75 meters).
Safe and humane.
Pest technology.
Adjustable sensitivity of the sensor.
Weather resistant 0-30C
4 x battery or adapter 230 - which is not included.


The device can be used both inside and outside the safe connection of the power supply. We recommend the repellent placed under a small canopy for example. piece of plastic, and the like.

Source 230 must be placed only in a dry environment.

Product code: Repeller-790-universal-2011

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