Executive REPELLER Transonic PRE792-032 in the audible range.
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This powerful Transonic PRE792-032 working in the audible range repels mice, bats, spiders, cockroaches and small insects. The manufacturer states that Plašič is also effective on ants, but the scaring we tested in our conditions. It works well in your kitchen, garage, cellar, workshop, shed, or even on the floor of your building.


Transonic PRE792-032 is a cost-effective, simple solution to your problem pests.


How it works:


Independent laboratory and university testing has demonstrated ultrasonic and sonic friendly technologies effective form of deterrent pests. Pests generally do not like and do not like certain sounds adapt to them. Because they can not adapt to the constantly changing array of ultrasonic and audible signals broadcast from said device. The unit disrupts the nervous system of pests, affecting their feeding and communication habits, forcing them to leave the area. The unit is safe for use around humans, children and pets, such as dogs, cats, and reptiles. The device should be operated away from pets such as tarantulas, mice, hamsters, ferrets and gerbils.


Due to the fact that the device also works in the audible band of frequencies - from 3 to 40 kHz (and you will hear unpleasant sounds when the volume at a moderate or maximum gain) is not a suitable device in a room where he resides. We recommend that the device be connected via a timer switch on the device rather early in the morning and the evening, when damages are trying to accommodate. If the device for low volume or you will not seen him much, but if you do not rest with him.


The device also includes a power adapter.




Simple operation: Just plug.


2-speaker system: Double effectiveness.


Maintenance - free: With no moving parts.


Indicator output settings: attacks of various pests with natural frequencies.


Audio settings: Set to 'silent mode' for domestic use.


Coverage: up to 100 m_2.


Size: 6 x 3 x 3rd


Weight: 0.5 kg.


Coverage: up to 100 m_2.


Power: less than 5 watts.


Power: 9V (150 mA) adapter / 110 or 220 V AC or DC converter using batteries.


Frequency: 3-40 kHz.


Sound pressure 96 dB per meter and a half.


Product includes: unit, power adapter with cable, complete.


What will it repel?




Small rodents



Insects / Bugs

Fleas, Flies



Squirrels and Chipmunks

Raccoons, opossums

Where can you use the device?


Indoor environment

Semi-closed areas

Home & Patio Kitchen




Farms, barns, stables

Shelters and storage

Car & Garage

Each area avian attack, but it not always works.

Something about ultrasonic and acoustic sounds:


Ultrasonic sound (greater than 20,000 Hz) are nearly inaudible to humans and most animals.


Ultrasound can pass through walls or closed doors.


The signals are reflected from these paved surfaces causing a rebound effect wounds.


Ultrasonic sounds are absorbed by soft materials such as curtains, carpets and furniture, which will reduce the effectiveness of the device.


Shielded areas may occur around corners or between furnishings.


Acoustic sounds are lower frequency audibility, noise fulfilling other and are effective in repelling larger pests such as rats and squirrels.

The low-frequency sounds are effective for the protection of large areas.

Prolonged exposure to loud instrument and medium (sound) settings is not recommended for pets in an enclosed area and can be uncomfortable for people.

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