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Moles are among the useful animals (Hubie harmful insects). Therefore, do not be unscrupulous, do not kill them and do not destroy the environment unnecessarily. As long as you obnoxious moles used as an optimal solution our great device that for you these annoying creatures expelled without any chemical and environmental destruction.


Application Use the machine and its functions:


The piezoelectric unit, which in this modern repellent moles, voles and mice built, airs at intervals of 30 seconds oscillation (sound waves) with the frequency 400 Hz.


Most of the animals living in the soil ill see but hear very well and so for them these oscillations unbearable. These special sound waves propagate in the soil from sticking a rod up to a distance of about 16 m from Repellent to cover the cost circuit (area) of up to 700 m2. According to the characteristics of the ground can be the coverage area smaller or larger.


Because these oscillations for selected animals intolerable move out after a few days at another location. This device does not cause any harm earthworms or pets.


Integrated solar cell, which is located on top of the device, convert sunlight into electricity, which charges the inserted NiMH batteries. In low ambient light, ensure the power supply device is these batteries inserted.


The device does not threaten the environment, it is not subject to weather and is completely waterproof.


Another method of use of the device, as mentioned, can cause damage.




Instrument case: Waterproof and resistant to weathering,


Power supply: 2 AA-size NiMH batteries.


Area of ​​Responsibility: about 750 m2 depending on the type of soil,


Frequency response: 400 Hz,


Oscillation interval: 30 sec,


Dimensions: 300x65x65 mm.




We ask you to carefully read this manual. In no case do not open the product yourself, and do not try to fix it yourself. In the case of warranty claims, please contact your dealer. In terms of improving the project we reserve the right to make technical and optical changes to the product.




In case of damage caused by failure to observe these instructions for use will invalidate all claims under warranty! We are not responsible for consequential damages!


Damage to objects and personal injuries caused by improper handling or failure to observe safety instructions We accept no liability! In such cases invalidate all claims under warranty.


When choosing the stuck device please take care to be repellent moles exposed for an extended period of direct sunlight (about three days to revive the battery unit).


Please take care to solar cell device are not covered, such as grasses, shrubs, leaves and the like.


When zapichávaní device into the soil, do not use violence. Nezatĺkajte him into the ground with a hammer or other tools. Be careful not to get stuck on the device could someone fall over.


Select a suitable location for sticking device, such as in the field or in the plot on. Zapichni repellent moles Grooving rod into the soil to a depth of at least 15 cm, but not more than to its bottom. If necessary, prepare a suitable depth of the hole, for example, using sticks.


Use of moles Repellent Do we commend you to turn on the unit in the morning to have enough time to charge the battery for night hours.


The device on or off the changeover switch on the bottom of the green cover to ON (on) and OFF (off). After switching on, you will hear an acoustic signal.


The device will now start at intervals of 30 seconds to transmit the soil oscillation frequency of 400 Hz.


Among these intervals is charging the battery via the solar cell.


Maintenance and Cleaning.


This device except for occasional cleaning and requires no maintenance. Do not disassemble the device yourself. Inserted into the device batteries are not interchangeable. If necessary, repair the device contact your dealer.


Regularly clean the solar cell water mixed with a mild detergent to accrued to the maximum effects of the sun.


Do not use for cleaning any aggressive chemical cleaners or solvents.


Clean only with a soft cloth slightly moistened with water Washcloth.


Cold weather has a negative effect on the operating time of the battery. To keep a long life of the device and its smooth functioning, we commend you to save product during the winter in a warm room. Before storing the device off and cleaned.


The eventual disposal of the device and batteries.

If the unit does not work, there is no longer any possibility of repair shall be eliminated in accordance with statutory regulations.




You, as the end user you are legally (Regulation on batteries) required to return all used batteries and accumulators treatment with household waste is prohibited!


Batteries / accumulators containing harmful substances are marked with the symbols displayed next, which point to the prohibition of processing together with household garbage.


Designation of critical heavy metals are: Cd = cadmium, Hg = mercury, Pb = Lead. Your used batteries / accumulators can be free of charge, at the collection points of your community, our branches or anywhere else where batteries / accumulators are sold!


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