MAXI scarer mice, rats and cockroaches with a range of 1,000 squ
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MAXI scarer mice, rats and cockroaches 1000 m2 with a range of SD-047 / 459-25W-ver 3 suitable for shops and stores

A strong ultrasonic waves irritates nerve audio system of mice and rats. Ultrasound for them is uncomfortable and annoying and easily deter them from a large area to 1000 m2. Mice that have left the area, become lethargic, have a decreased appetite as evidenced by the loss of their multiplication and invasion.
The product has a random variable ultrasonic signal that is constantly changing, and the mice have no immunity against it.
The device is multifunctional, ie It has more features. Plas mice and rats, cockroaches, ants, spiders, bedbugs or fleas.
The device head housing mice and rats. But also effects on pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas and bedbugs.
The product can be used in the following locations: storage space, shops, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, machinery spaces, gardens, warehouses, basements, etc.

Effective coverage is about 500-1000 m2.

For this Plašič not suitable directly reside in the range of approximately 10 meters. 10 meters above the Plašič to the human ear, although harmless, yet it is recommended to manufacturing and storage premises or automatic operation at non-operational hours.


Never use the machine outside in the rain and never at high temperatures and in humid environments.

Before the speakers Do not place any objects would result in silencing or to his reflection.

Effects on pests are seen immediately once you begin using it. The best effects are achieved after the equipment operates continuously for 3-4 weeks. There may sometimes be a mouse at the start of startle more active, meaning that the mice irritated. Mice after a period of almost completely disappeared.

Even some of the mice temporarily lose their ability to reproduce and invasion of scaring space.


AC Power: AC 230 V / 50 Hz DC

Power supply: 12 V more than 3-4 Ah

Rated power: 10 W / 25 W

Frequency: 25-40 kHz

Electromagnetic wave: 0.8 kHz 10 kHz: 160 seconds

Ultrasonic waves: 20-55 kHz / 32 kHz: 40 seconds

Audio Frequency: 10 seconds

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