Repellent of mice and small pests MAXi classic-2 Mouse Repeller
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Repellent of mice and small pests MAXi classic-2 Mouse Repeller A319-841

  Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller is also effective at scaring mice, rats, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, moths and act to a lesser extent, the ants, most other common pests. Its active surface is up to 30 meters / 3rd
Repellent works without chemicals and is therefore ideal for use in every living room. Pests are repelled by high-frequency tone (ultrasound), which the human ear can not capture. Repeller not exclude any harmful or irritating substances.
For supplying products to be 230V / 50Hz AC. The product can only be used inside the house and must be protected from direct moisture (eg. Bathroom, swimming pools, outdoor DAST).

Repellent effectively repels mosquitoes and females and is not harmful for your home appliances, humans and animals
The effective period is 5-7 days, which is already visible decline of mice and pests mentioned above.
Connect the equipment through the AC power adapter to AC 230V to your device and it automatically switches on.

Frequency conversion ultrasonic waves Mouse Repeller also detrimental to plants.
2. Material: ABS
3. Voltage: 230V AC
4. Frequency: 20 - 65kHz
Design Patent No. ZL 201030270000.6
Effectively protects an area measuring 30 meters / 3rd After connecting you will notice a small red LED lights up when Frequency Conversion device is working properly. The device also includes the "S" TEST unique test button on the rear panel, where the frequency goes into the audible range, you can test the performance of the device. When operating penetrating siren - like ultrasound produces strong ultrasonic waves that radiate continuously.
Frequency Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller automatically generates ultrasonic waves in the range of 20,000 Hz to 65,000 Hz, set screw - potentiometer allows to adjust the speed of the generation change, to avoid potential accustomed - immunity identical speed movement.

The device turns on automatically when you connect the network cable 230.
When you first install frequency conversion Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller turn the knob - potentiometer fully to the left or right. Every month or at different periods Turn the knob a little in the opposite direction.
By pressing the test button before and after the adjustment device allows you to hear the slight difference in the speed of movement frequency.
At the time of 4-6 weeks on the involvement of pests should be considerably less, but I only allow the device connected to the year, day and night.

Do not cover the device or place it on surfaces covered with carpet, behind curtains, furniture or other soft objects, these objects would absorb the sound waves.
You do not give your device to your ear, or when operating or conducting tests of control. Do not use the appliance outdoors in the rain or humidity, or allow the device to come into contact with water.

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