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Broadband ultrasonic bird scarer ultrason 37-Pro-X-801 VT
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Broadband ultrasonic bird scarer ultrason37-Pro-X-801 is a fully featured audio bird scarer with random switching control system ultrasound. The complete system, nothing needs to buy up.


Nalietavaniu prevent the birds in your neighborhood, this is one of the most effective scarer of the Council ultrasound of four separate speakers. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


The device permanently protects your property. Professional ultrasonic protection against the birds guarantees high efficiency.

Nalietavaní prevent the birds Overnight, nesting and repeated return of birds.


The patented modulator alternates irregularly frequency and ensures the highest possible efficiency.

- Professional scaring birds

- Continuous protection 24 hours / 365 days

- 4 x speaker is part of the product,

- Ultrasonic settings from 20 to 000Hz 30 000Hz - irregular rotation frequencies

- Quiet operation at scaring birds

- And against rodents.


For indoor and outdoor use: buildings, shops, warehouses and canopies, ramps, outdoor grates etc ...

Effective against all: sparrows, swallows, blackbirds, pigeons, etc ...

Effective: already after 14 days.

Protection of areas: from 300 to 1000 square meters.

Life span: 30 years.


Note: For scaring swallows recommend the product to install before they settle - placing nest. Otherwise, the swallows will ignore present ultrasound, although they resent priority to the education of their offspring. Their instinct for education is simply stronger. It is also appropriate detergent to rinse the walls of their deposits - preparation for mounting the nests for the location Plašič. The effectiveness of the swallows is the smallest i.e. Only 20-30 percent
We also recommend you try to change the frequency of the three-position switch Plašič - under a transparent cover plašiče, ie move it to another position shifted by ultrasonic vibration width, upwards or downwards.

It is also appropriate to try to place the speakers - the direction of radiation directly to the nest, or at least one loudspeaker directed to the nest and further into space nalietavania swallows.

Swallows are protected by law, so even scaring them is not very legal. But conventional detergent cleaning walls also helps enough.


Broadband ultrason37-Pro-X-801 is a comprehensive system of bird-scaring band ultrasound of switching 4 x speakers. System that will free you from stubborn birds in your area. The ultrasonic system is a complex on audio assault against flying birds.


This automatic repeller - unit is operating in an ultrasound mode, using four speakers.

Protection of areas from 300 to 1000 square meters of closed space and open space - outdoor use efficiency is much lower. On the external environment we are recommended plašiče sound in the audible range.

How it works:

Broadband ultrasound and its broadcast is scientifically documented as anxiety and alarm birds.

4 x single speaker.

30 m cable to each speaker of the jack plug.

15 m power supply cable to power the device.



Dual mode: Sonic and ultrasonic modes repel almost any kind of bird.

4-Speaker System: The system includes four independent speakers with 30 m of wire to each.

"Silent" mode: broadcast mode ultrasonic sounds that are silent to humans but uncomfortable for birds.

Adjustable: Adjustable volume in three stages.

It installs easily: expansion unit and speakers are portable and mountable.


What will it repel?

• Pigeons,

• Crows,

• Sparrows,

• starlings

• cormorants,

• Vultures,

• and others.


Where can I use?

• Internal / External,

• Infrastructure and Transport,

• warehouses and docks,

• Farms and storage;

• Car & Parking,

• Apartment and condos.

• Houses.




Dimensions: controller-9 "x9" x5 "Speakers 4" x 4 "x 6"

Speakers: 8 ohms, 30 watts,

Shipping Weight: 8 kg,

Coverage: 10,000 square meters x 2

Power requirements: 230 VAC available

Sound pressure level (ultrasonic): 95 to 102 db and 1 m (Speaker)

Sound pressure (sound): 105-110 db and 1 m (Speaker)

Frequency (ultrasonic) -15-25kHz (Sonic) -3-5 kHz.

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's license in the US:


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