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Electronic killing troublesome insects
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Strange-looking rocket is actually a sophisticated electronic swatters, which you conveniently nagging rid of mosquitoes, flies and other airborne insects.

Goods are sold as bazaar - Sale. It is necessary to replace the alkaline rechargeable flashlight in the handle. Otherwise it is functional, new.

The string is a conductive wire and is implemented in three layers separated by a space between them. Each of the layers is a sieve electrode, and is also connected to the high voltage generator (for the human system is safe, of course) that the battery is stored in the handle.

Then just enough to get a mosquito or fly into the spokes and therefore between two electrodes. Since its string form only a relatively thin wire and thick windows can be very easily by moving the "beaters". Once the insect reaches the eyes will discharge the capacitor charging through pest and this is immediately destroyed; No blood smeared on the wall. Easier disposal of mosquitoes in the neck killer "missile" placed a white LED. If you enable it, there will be strung enlightenment and easier destruction of the aggressor.

The batteries are recharged directly integrated battery charger by connecting the trap to the network 230.

Mosquito Trapper (killer on the fly).


Power supply: batteries,

Charging: 230V / 50Hz,

Dimensions: 50 x 21 cm (length x width of the head).

Product code: -118-killers-Fly-insects

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