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Reject Pest insects - mosquitoes and cockroaches, ants and roden
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Safe, efficient, cost-effective solution
Enough pests!

Cockroaches, mice, rats ... Many people suffer because of them. Some are afraid of them, but some also cause serious financial damage.

If not protect against them in a timely manner, very quickly multiply and can embitter our lives properly for a long time.

Do not wait until these annoying parasites completely overwhelm your home! Meet the new revolutionary odpoudzovač insects and rodents, meet Riddex!
Riddex - definitely scare off any parasites.

Electric repellent Riddex of your home effectively scare off insects and rodents!

The electromagnetic pulses with alternating frequency irritate and scare parasites create for them an intolerable environment. The Riddex repellent, you can remove parasites from their home safely, without chemicals.

Simply plug it into an outlet and press the button starts immediately.
In a short time it will be a noticeable positive effect drastically decreases the number of pests in a couple of weeks.
What else can deter?

Cockroaches and other bugs

Cockroaches are present in almost every block of flats. Their favorite place is the kitchen and bathroom. After dinner, selected forage, eat practically everything.
With Riddexom you can get rid of those nasty roommates forever. Even it can effectively scare off other bugs.

Mice, rats, marten

There is no such house, which would sometimes not visited any rodents. If you do not protect against them in time, they can cause enormous damage.

Traps are often ineffective, but Riddex offers mice, rats and martens reliable assistance.

Mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects

Krvocucovia are among the most annoying animal species, also, like flies to revel in raids on our food.

Pulse wave Riddexu are also effective against insects buzzing.


Eight-footed animals are for many the biggest source of fear. Although they are capable of killing other insects, but who would want to live in a house where there is spiders?

With Riddexom spiders can easily be avoided, you never have to be afraid of them.

Benefits of electric Repellent Riddex:

Effectively repels insects and rodents
It is safe, environmentally friendly and has a quiet operation!
It works without chemicals, using electricity
It saves energy, is really low power consumption.
It does not harm pets (except hamster, rabbit, or other rodent)
Not eradicate pests, but odženie them, not left you carrion!
It is equipped with night orienteering little light.
Work after 2-3 weeks

Who is it designed?

For anyone who is at risk of insects and rodents
For anyone who is trying to protect his home safely, without chemicals
For anyone who wants to get rid of mice and rats in the home
For those who live in a block of flats
For those living in homes
It is also ideal for offices, to chat, to cellars and warehouses

Product Information

Important information about insect repellent and rodents

It does not harm humans, cats, dogs, birds or reptiles, but can have unpleasant effects on hamsters, guinea pigs, mice and skunks

It is especially recommended for indoor use
If sufficient protection against water can also be used outdoors
Duration of use Repellent unlimited
Operationalize it does not get any easier, just tuck it into the socket and works
Rated voltage: 210-230 V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: 7W

To activate, connect the device to a wall outlet. It works on the principle of transmission of electromagnetic waves, which irritate the nervous system of insects and rodents.

Variable intensity of electromagnetic waves is so uncomfortable for pests to immediately leave your home.

In terms of efficiency is good in the area where insects or rodents occurred, use repellent for approx. 2-3 weeks.

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 19 February, 2011.