839-A515 Frequency Solar Pest Repeller repellent moles solar
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839-A515 Frequency Solar Pest Repeller repellent moles solar MAXI krt

 Scarer moles and voles of high efficiency solar
Voles and moles are among the useful animals (Hubie harmful insects). Therefore, do not be unscrupulous, do not kill them and do not destroy the environment unnecessarily. As long as you obnoxious moles used as an optimal solution our great device that for you these annoying creatures expelled without any chemical and environmental destruction.
The device has the added feature of non-repetition intervals.

Application Use the machine and its functions:
The piezoelectric unit, which in this modern repellent moles, voles and mice built, airs at intervals of 3 to 50 seconds oscillation (sound waves) with the frequency 400-1000 Hz.

Most of the animals living in the soil ill see but hear very well and so for them these oscillations unbearable. These special sound waves propagate in the soil from sticking a rod up to a distance of about 16 m from Repellent to cover the cost circuit (area) to 500-800 m2. According to the characteristics of the ground can be the coverage area smaller or larger.

Because these oscillations for selected animals intolerable move out after a few days at another location. This device does not cause any harm earthworms or pets.

Integrated solar cell, which is located on top of the device, convert sunlight into electricity, which charges the battery pack is NiMH. In low ambient light, ensure the power supply unit is not already inserted the battery.

The device does not threaten the environment, it is not subject to weather and is waterproof against flowing water, not against drowning or flooding!
Another method of use of the device, as mentioned, can cause damage.

1.Zariadenie can change the operating frequency operates as follows:
The first two days it will sound like "Di" long for 3 ~ 5 seconds, the interval of 50 seconds or so.
The other two days, it will sound like "Di Di Di" 3 ~ 5 seconds, interval 50 seconds or so.
Third two days, it will sound like "Di Di Di Di Di" 3 ~ 5 seconds, interval 50 seconds or so.
2. Power supply: solar cell, long-effective Ni-Cad cell recharged solar power.
3. The device is also possible replacement flashlight after long service as two to three years, so you do not zakupu new equipment, or to send it for repair. The flashlight can also appoint themselves.
4. With the tarpaulin, a switch device whenever you turn on / off, when switched off, continue to recharge the battery.
5. Frequency: 400Hz-1000Hz.
6. Operating range: 625 m2.


Instrument case: Waterproof and resistant to weathering, not to wetting.
Power supply: NiCd
Area of ​​Responsibility: about 625 m2 depending on the type of soil,
Frequency range: about 400-1000 Hz,
Interval oscillation: 3-50 seconds,
Dimensions: 300x65x65 mm.

We ask you to carefully read this manual. In no case do not open the product yourself, and do not try to fix it yourself. In the case of warranty claims, please contact your dealer. In terms of improving the project we reserve the right to make technical and optical changes to the product.

Our customers will also offer own original tips guaranteed to action. Try to inspire them and de fi nitívne Dispose otherwise legally protected unwelcome guests.

Orange peel
Krtince recommended to sprinkle dry orange peel.

Coloured Hair
"If nothing helped, we tried to cram holes human hair that has been dyed either before, or took them permanent, that perm. So smelled of ammonia, "says reader of. According to her, not only to repel moles smell, but also that the hair if the underground stumbled upon them, poking them. Hair can you get for example at the famous stylist.

Plastic bottles
Used as a weapon 2-liter plastic bottles. These need to be cut in half. "Cut off part of their then to push a krtince so that parts that are drunk, stays up."

Rozhrabať krtince
After having used all the usual methods - heating, firecrackers, gas, mechanical traps or electroshock - decided as follows: The new scoops in the morning rozhrabe flexible "English" and rakes in place rozoseje about half handfuls of grass seed. "You will be surprised that the time will be no trace of molehills. Moreover, the lawn is aerated team, "adds Alexander.

Unwelcome visitors got rid of once and for all so that molehills into the deepest vopchala substance that has previously been soaked in gasoline. Clay on krtince even at the end slightly trampled.

Against moles only weapon - his tomcat. It makes the unsightly mound of dirt in your garden need not worry.


Waterproofed solar rodent repeller 839
Frequency Conversion Solar Pest Repeller

1.The device can change the working frequency, working as follows:
First two days, it will sound like "Di" long for 3 ~ 5 seconds, interval 50 seconds or so Second two days, it will sound like "Di Di Di" in 3 ~ 5 seconds, interval 50 seconds or so, two Third days, it will sound like "Di Di Di Di Di" in 3 ~ 5 seconds, interval 50 seconds or so. Which not on
2.Power supply: solar energy cell, long-effective Ni-Cad cell recharged by solar energy.

3. It had a additional battery cassette, you can replace the battery easliy and prolonging lift products.

4. With waterproofed switch, you could turn on / off it at any time.

5. Frequency: 400HZ-1000HZ.

6. Working range: 625 square meter.

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