Multifunction scaring pests MIX, solar power 589-NiCd, new
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Multifunction scaring pests MIX, solar power 589-NiCd, new 2015
Multifunctional solar power Repellent pest 3v1, including network adapter.
Ultrasonic repellent + option to enable the audio signal (analog seven different sounds) is one of the most advanced external pest repellents of 2015, which provides room is available and is the result of years of research and innovation.
This device can rid your garden or outdoor space from pests humanely, ie without the use of toxic chemicals.
The device used for scaring pests audible sounds with ultrasound or ultrasound waves just a flash.
Repel these pests: unwelcome birds, dogs, cats, wild boar, deer, mice, rats, etc.
Ultrasonic repellent is also suitable for cats and dogs, using ultrasound technology to repel from your yard.

Fields of application:
 garden, camping, sheds, patios, balconies, greenhouses, ponds, barns, plants, flower beds, lodges and cabins,
 buildings, roofs, warehouses, grocery stores and other public places, municipal and industrial buildings,
 sidewalks and other public and private areas, garages, cottages, vineyards.

The device uses ultrasonic technology to repel pests in the courtyard, as well as annoying alarm sound / noise and flashing lights. The device is environmentally friendly, safe for humans and pets and will not damage or pest, it is just trying to scare earlier.
It is equipped with infrared motion sensor that is activated when pests are nearby at an approximate distance of 4-8 meters, depending on the size of the pest.
The device is designed to be powered from solar energy, i.e. wireless, so it is suitable for farms, gardens, nurseries and the like.
It is also designed with a PIR sensor and divided into three wave modes in one-mode ultrasound, two-mode INFRARED-flash mode, and the combination of the 3-one and 2.
Very easy to use with a control system for detecting light and PIR sensor.

Material: ABS
Frequency: 12kHz - 35kHz
Effective area: 80 square meters
Angle to fill: 90-120 °
PIR Sensing distance: 5-10 m
Protection class: IP 4
Consumption: 80 mA
Constant current: 0.2 mA
Power Supply: 4 x AA rechargeable Ni-Cd 800 mAh, 1.2 volts, or network. 230

The device includes a built-in 4 pieces replaceable NiMH AA batteries that are recharged via solar family mounted a member. It is also attached to the device, the network adapter 230 and the device can operate almost continuously in dark parts of the land. In the event that you use the AC adapter to a permanent power supply equipment, take out all 4 AA batteries! The first batteries pack have vibrancy about half a year, so when detected that the product supplied from batteries is already slightly audible, replace the batteries for rechargeable. No dry cells. Otherwise there when charging equipment damage and torches.

First indoor use, it is recommended to place the canopy, to prevent direct entry of rain, and not in a condition of use.
2. Effective range up to 50 meters, the possibility of the position of the leg AL
3. Weather resistance.
4. Two power supplies: 1.2 AA batteries in the number of 4 or AC 230 V adapter.

Modes of operation:
OFF - turn off the device
1 - equipment produces audible plašiace different sounds in the audible range, including ultrasound (effectively scaring)
2 - the device operates in an ultrasonic mode without LED flash
3 - the device operates in an ultrasonic mode including LED flash

PIR sensor is permanently activated if it detects movement of the pest activates audible plasic.
Debug element with scale must be set to a particular kind of animal - a pest that we deter (scare).

LOCATION repellents:
When installing Repellent choose a place that must be both protected and where to get sunlight.
For better results, repellent should be at least 8 hours in the sun. The repellent is designed for long term use, allowing you to place it and scare pests. The device is waterproof, allowing it to function throughout the year. Repellent can be hung or insert into the ground by grounding pin, which is available. Use the grounding pin, then insert the flat end into the bottom Repellent. Or simply hang below the canopy.

Before digging or installing, always make sure the country is not built-in utilities, cables or wires. In the event that such control is not sufficient, it may result in personal injury, property damage or even death.

After checking underground utilities prepare the ground for digging or ramming holes suitable for repellent. Do not use a hammer! You have to dig a pit for the aid of tools. Simply use excessive force, using which may damage the device and thus lose the device warranty. Make sure that the device is firmly in the country and not available.

We can also thank you for choosing our product for this.
For best results, please read before using this product manual and keep it for future reference.

Please people with pacemakers, before using the device to consult with your doctor.

Make sure all parts are present when unpacking Repellent.
The product should include:
 main drive Repellent by chargers with 4 batteries (installed)
 grounding plug and adapter
 instructions for use.

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